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Construction Updates

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Regularly posted construction updates on new and remodeled building projects.

April 10, 2014

Health & Science Building

We are about a month away from taking possession of the building! The contractor is finishing up the landscaping, cabinetry, flooring, white board installation, and cleaning of the building. They are still waiting for the light hoist to arrive before they begin finishing the auditorium. Yesterday we opened the audio/visual equipment bids and once the state has a contract with the vendor, installation of that equipment will begin in the building. A/V installation should be completed around August 15, at which time we can begin to occupy the building. Last week the electric vehicle charging station was installed and the final striping in the parking lot was completed. Most likely we will be able to open up an additional section of the parking lot in early May. Also exciting: the first shipment of furniture will arrive around April 22.

Attached to the Health and Science Building project is some site work on the west side of campus (19th Avenue). We will be removing the overhead power lines, installing a screen wall around the campus services compound, and repairing the surface of 19th Avenue.

Demolition of the Instructional Office Building is tentatively scheduled for Winter break.

Gymnasium and Fitness Center

During Spring Break JWC completed installation of the 8" sanitary line on the northeast corner of Applied Arts. The concrete slabs for the east and west additions have been poured and once the steel arrives on site, vertical construction of the additions will begin. Currently, the locker room/team room areas are being framed. The project is still on schedule for a mid to late December opening.

Student Center

The chiller will be replaced in the next few months and over the summer, the south roof will be replaced.

Master Facilities Plan

We are in the process of scheduling the three remaining workshops throughout Spring Quarter. Once a schedule is finalized, invitations will be sent out to the work group.

March 5, 2014

Health & Science Building

The building is starting to look finished! You’ll notice the contractor’s trailer has been removed to make way for concrete sidewalks and landscaping. Final preparations are underway for furniture, equipment, access controls, AV equipment and lab furnishings. Most of the casework is complete and flooring is being installed this week.

We continue to showcase our new facility with building tours for faculty, staff, students and members of the community. The substantial completion date is mid April and we anticipate occupying the building in mid-late June.

Gymnasium and Fitness Center

Even though it doesn’t look like the site is changing much, JWC is making progress. The utilities and other stuff under the concrete slab are being completed, and if the weather cooperates, the slab pour for the west addition, east addition, and the locker rooms should occur before the end of the month. Once that happens, and the steel is delivered, the building will quickly begin to take shape.

February 3, 2014

Health & Science Building

The project continues to impress as it moves towards completion. Final preparations are being made for furniture, equipment and access controls, AV equipment and lab furnishings. Most of the casework has been installed and the contractor has installed the ceiling wood slats along the corridors. Building tours continue with faculty, staff, students and members of the community to showcase our new facility and science labs. The substantial completion date is mid April and we expect to occupy the building in June.

Gymnasium and Fitness Center

JWC continues to make excellent progress on the project in spite of minor obstacles. JWC discovered that the 4-inch sanitary line on the South side of the gymnasium was damaged and completely blocked with tree roots in several locations. This required addition of a new sanitary line. In addition, three additional manholes will be placed in strategic locations giving maintenance staff greater access.

JWC has finished most of the demolition and underground utilities. They have started pouring concrete footings and foundations on the east and west side of the building and will continue until mid February. Along with footings and foundation, the elevator pit and slab-on-grade will be poured soon. JWC has also made progress with the plumbing in the locker room area.

Master Plan

The final program sessions on January 30 had great turnout. The architect team was impressed with LCC, and commented about the high morale of LCC employees. They were also impressed with the innovative ideas shared around the room. The team will complete a schedule for completing the master plan. There will be several more meetings with the Facilities Master Plan Group prior to a draft report being written.

November 20, 2013

Gymnasium and Fitness Center

JWC continues to install the aggregate piers and has reported that 40 aggregate piers were installed between Saturday, Nov. 16 and Monday Nov. 18.

JWC began demolition on the 1986 addition next to the Applied Arts building. Later this week plywood will be placed over the windows on the north and west side of the Applied Arts building to ensure additional safety during the demolition phase. JWC  continues with the site excavation this week and next.

November 13, 2013

Gymnasium and Fitness Center

JWC is making excellent progress. This includes top soil removal, erosion control measures, removing asphalt/concrete, and hauling in base rock for the foundation. Additionally, demolition inside the building is progressing swiftly. Over the next three or four weeks, JWC’s focus will be on installing the aggregate piers. The design calls for over 150 piers (as you may recall the Health & Science building had over 400 piers). Aggregate piers (also called stone columns) are columns of compacted stone installed in groups in soft soil to increase bearing pressure and mitigate against settlement under structural footings. Aggregate pier construction is best used in high groundwater sand and silt sites that need liquefaction mitigation, ground densification, and strength to support of heavy foundation loads. The columns are formed when lifts of stone are introduced to an open hole and compacted using high energy densification equipment. The down-hole compaction device may be either a high-frequency vibratory probe, or a vertical tamper. Each lift of stone or other granular material is compacted, forming a high modulus aggregate pier approximately 20 inches in diameter and to a depth of 28 feet. This process can vibrate the ground and be noisy at times and should last approximately 25 days.

October 30, 2013

Gymnasium and Fitness Center

JWC is taking full advantage of the excellent weather by moving the early demolition portion of the project forward. By November 1, the entire covered walk area on the east side of the gym will be removed, water and gas lines to the gym capped, parking light standards (poles) salvaged to be reused later in the project, and the electricity and fire alarms to the gym disconnected. Also, the contractor is prepping for the interior demolition in the building and has covered the gymnasium floor with heavy-duty plywood to ensure protection of the floor during the removal of the large mechanical heat units suspended over the basketball court. These ancient units will be replaced by smaller more efficient units on the roof of the building.

Starting October 31, a small portion of the baseball field fence line near the Applied Arts Building (West side) will be relocated to provide space for the fire lane. A walk area will remain in place to allow pedestrian traffic from parking lot J (behind the gym).

Project management teams from LCC, the state, and JWC continue to have excellent weekly meetings which positively impact the project.

October 23, 2013

Gymnasium and Fitness Center

The Fitness Center project continues to move forward. JWC General Contractor has started removing the hardscape (asphalt/concrete). Over the next week, they will finish hooking up temporary power, phone and data to the construction trailer; start removing the covered walk area in the construction site; and begin demolition in the building. The demolition portion is expected to create periodic noise, but the contractor is making arrangements to reduce this as much as possible.

Please remember the construction site has been fenced, and is off-limits. Please do not enter the area.

October 15, 2013

Gymnasium and Fitness Center

Bids opened August 29, 2013

JWC General Contractor LLC was the low bidder with a base bid of $6,439,000.


  • #1 (2nd Floor Office Space) - $146,253
  • #2 (Climbing Wall) - $56,815
  • #3 (Fitness Center Wood Floor) - $69,405

Alternate #3 is significantly higher than cost estimates and was not accepted.

Next week we should have the building permits approved by the city and the state will issue the notice-to-proceed to the contractor.

The contractor has fenced the project site and is expected to start sometime early October 2013. Now that the contractor has placed fence around the site, staff need to stay out of the area. The final construction schedule will not be known until the notice to proceed is issued and we are able to meet with the contractor.