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Myklebust Gymnasium & Fitness Center

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Lower Columbia College students are leading the effort for the renovation of the existing 21,500 sq. ft. Myklebust Gymnasium, fitness center and athletic space.

An additional 12,000 sq. ft. of new space will support the current and future instructional needs of the college and bring the entire facility into ADA compliance.

Project Features

The proposed renovation and addition addresses needs identified by students and staff, including:

  • Larger and more accessible fitness center to serve increasing enrollment
  • Larger free weight area
  • Space for dance, yoga, and Pilates courses
  • Space for other health classes and community education courses

LCC athletes, aerobic dance classes, and students working out on fitness equipment currently must compete for floor space and locker room facilities. Campus space will double for sports, health-related classes and activities, and other uses such as commencement, Science Olympiad and community events.

Students have raised nearly $2 million for the project through a self imposed fee of $2.50 per credit in tuition. The 2011 State Legislature approved $2 million in matching capital funds for the project. With over 70% of the cost covered, the college plans to use future facility fees and donations to meet the remaining expenses.

LCC students have led the charge in a number of health-related initiatives in recent years, including creation of a tobacco-free campus and campus wide weight loss/fitness activities. They also provided nutrition education to children in LCC childcare and their parents, and partnered with local farmers to raise awareness of healthy food choices.

By The Numbers

First Floor


  • 12,000 sq. ft. fitness center, with weight training area
  • Refurbished locker rooms
  • Team and Training rooms
  • Change areas for officials
  • Office space allowing for supervision

Second Floor


  • Elevator for access
  • Two classrooms with viewing windows to gym area below
  • Dance Studio/Classroom
  • Office space allowing for supervision
  • Space for community events and continuing education classes

Also included


  • LEED certified
  • New gym floor completed Summer 2011. >> Image Gallery

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