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Building Projects

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Building projects in progress or recently completed on the Lower Columbia College campus.

Facilities Master Plan

Updated December 5, 2014

Draft Facilities Master Plan:  Master Plan PDF

The master facilities plan enables Lower Columbia College to guide the development of buildings and campus infrastructure improvements in order to provide the optimal learning environment and resources for students.

The college began the process of updating its plan in September 2012 with a Planning Symposium to insure that it is based on emerging directions in learning for the college. LCC faculty, staff and students, along with community partners participated in the process.

Access the full report:  Final Report of the Planning Symposium

~ In Progress ~

Proposed Pavilion 

Posted February 11, 2015

Draft pavilion concept: Pavilion Concept PDF

A proposal to construct a pavilion in the space currently occupied by the Instructional Office Building (IOB) when the building comes down in spring 2015 is under consideration.

Myklebust Gymnasium and Fitness Center Remodel

Renovation of existing Myklebust Gymnasium, fitness center and athletic spaces.

West Center Annex/CEO Building Remodel

Construction of a new LEED Silver two-story facility to accommodate the Career Education Option (CEO) program. The facility will include classrooms, computer labs, restrooms, storage, office space, conference room, study areas and a break room for faculty and staff.

~ Completed ~

Health & Science Building

A new facility housing all LCC health and science programs under one roof.

University Center Renovation

LCC's on-campus University Center removes psychological, social, financial, and physical barriers and adds "stepping stones" to increasing academic and career options for students.

Physical Science Center Renovation

The lecture halls were remodeled to implement instructional technology, including closed circuit TV, recessed drop down screen, white boards on each side of the lecture halls for group break-out activities, two sets of tables and chairs per tier so students can interact with one another, loose setting to allow flexibility, wireless internet and power at each table to allow students the opportunity to charge their laptops, and a sophisticated camera system to record and display experiments conducted by faulty.

Men's and women's restrooms were also updated.

Admissions Center Remodel

The Financial Aid office and lobby area were remodeled to improve visibility and security, maximize space utilization, and provide a confidential and welcoming area for students to discuss their financial aid arrangements.

Improvements included an expansion of the lobby area, two or three additional privacy counters in the Financial Aid area, installation of windows and renovation of a privacy counter in the Cashier area, and relocation of the information counter (Entry Center) to a secure area in-between the Financial Aid and Registration areas.

Gymnasium Floor Remodel

Replacement of the wooden floor in Myklebust Gymnasium. The original hardwood floor was installed sometime around 1958 and routine refinishing had worn completely through.

Student Center Second Floor Remodel

The Associated Students of Lower Columbia College (ASLCC/Student Government), requested the second floor of the Student Center be remodeled to improve the learning environment.

Improvements include a small conference room and two offices, conversion of the existing quiet room into a multicultural club room, renovation of the existing Cyber Cafe into Student Government offices with an open floor plan arrangement, and several new doors and casework.