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Parking Options at Lower Columbia College

Parking is provided for students, faculty and staff on a first-come, first-served basis in the parking lots surrounding the campus.

30 minute visitor parking available in Lot G and I (see below). Visitors may park in any regular parking space on campus long enough to obtain a Visitors Parking Pass at the Entry Center in the Admissions Center

Request an escort to and from your vehicle

Contact Safety & Security at ext. 2911 from campus phones or 360.442.2911 from outside phones.

Free Bus Service: River Cities Transit

Students Ride Free!A free transit program with River Cities Transit allows LCC students faculty and staff with a current ID card to ride the bus at no cost. Peak service routes #31 and #32 stop near the campus every half hour!

Lower Columbia College is served by four bus routes, stopping near the campus 74 times every weekday, from 6:34 am to 6:34 pm.

Pick up your copy of the System Map & Schedule in the Student Activities Office in the Student Center, or see System Map & Schedule.

 Student Parking

Students are issued an official parking decal upon payment of registration fees. Students must display decal in their vehicle when parking on campus.

Faculty & Staff Parking

Staff are issued an official parking decal upon hire. Staff must display this decal in their vehicle when parking on campus.

Reserved Parking

Registered students are sent an email the first week of Fall quarter classes explaining how to sign up for a lottery drawing for a reserved parking spot in Lot A (Don Talley Lot). Students whose names are drawn from the lottery are eligible to purchase a parking spot for $25/quarter $50/year. 20 spaces are reserved for the lottery.

Handicap/Disabled Parking

To use a designated handicapped parking space, a state-issued disabled parking permit must be displayed.


Parking lots are monitored. The fine for parking illegally on campus is $40. Cars will be towed if parked illegally in fire lanes, disabled parking spaces, or locations with warning signs.

Off-Campus Parking

Surrounding Streets - approximately 250 spaces

Includes 15th, 19th and 20th Avenues, Maple Street and Olympia Way. Parking is not permitted in the Longview Library parking lot, in driveways, or in fire lanes.

Parking Lots

Lot A (Don Talley Lot)

Spaces: 78 open, 25 reserved, 2 disabled. Accessible from 15th Avenue. 

Lot B (Vocational/Gym Parking Lot)

Spaces: 97 reserved, one disabled. Accessible from 15th Avenue.

Lot C (15th Avenue Lot)

Spaces: 183 open, 5 reserved, 6 disabled. Accessible from 15th Avenue. 

Lot E (Rose Center Delivery Lot)

Spaces: 9 reserved, 2 disabled. Accessible from 15th Avenue.

Lot F (Administration Building Lot)

Spaces: 10 reserved, 2 visitor, 2 vendor. Accessible from 16th Avenue.

Lot G (16th Ave/Rose Center Lot)

Spaces: 13 reserved, 5 disabled, 3-15/30 minute visitor. Accessible from Maple Street.

Lot H (Maple Street/Health & Science Building Lot)

Spaces: 153 open, 15 reserved, 6 disabled, 6 motorcycle. Accessible from Maple Street, and from 19th Avenue.

Lot I (20th Avenue Lot)

Spaces: 245 open, 7 reserved, 5 disabled, 7-15/30 minute visitor, 1 vendor. Accessible from 19th and 20th Avenue.

Lot J (behind Myklebust Gymnasium)

Spaces: 130 open, 9 reserved, 5 disabled. Accessible through Lot I.