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Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan
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Mission, Vision and Values

The Lower Columbia College mission is to ensure each learner's personal and professional success, and influence lives in ways that are local, global, traditional, and innovative.

Our vision is to be a powerful force for improving the quality of life in our community.

Our campus community expects an environment of integrity, respect, collaboration, cooperation, inclusion, and innovation that fosters personal growth, academic excellence, and accountability.

Expected College Outcomes


We invite the community to participate in the programs and services at Lower Columbia College.


We offer programs that prepare students to pursue upper division college and university programs.


We prepare and educate students for immediate employment into the workplace.

Basic Skills

We provide avenues to higher education and careers for learners who aren't prepared for college-level coursework, who haven't completed high school, or who don't speak English as their first language.

Customized Education

We custom-fit training and education services to business and industry needs.

Community Enrichment

We recognize the critical role the College plays in promoting cultural awareness and appreciation in our community.

Institutional Excellence

We are committed to integrity, stewardship, and excellence in meeting the educational, cultural, and service needs of the community.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiative #1

Build an International Student Program to bring diversity and a world view to LCC and the community while stabilizing enrollment and promoting economic development with our Pacific Rim neighbors.

Strategic Initiative #2

Expand eLearning opportunities to increase educational opportunities for employed and other students in the region while maintaining high quality programs and academic rigor.

Strategic Initiative #3

Lead economic development in the region through partnership with business and industry to provide training for current and future workers and to attract new employers to the area.

Strategic Initiative #4

Develop a University Center on the LCC Campus to provide a variety of local baccalaureate opportunities for students who cannot or choose not to relocate to other areas.

Strategic Initiative #5

Increase Student Success by strengthening developmental education, K-12 partnerships, faculty-student engagement, advising and orientation, College Success curriculum, and the use of data in decision making.