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Archive of Theatrical Productions


Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure, Fall 2014

"Elementary my dear Watson...the game's afoot!" Doctor Watson tells the story in a series of flashbacks of the events that lead up to the final saga of Sherlock Holmes.

Laundry and Bourbon / Lone Star, Spring 2014

Texas One Act Comedies: women and their men and men and their women by James McLure.

The Tempest, Winter 2014

Magic and revenge on an isolated island by William Shakespeare.
Meet the Cast & Crew:  Performance Program

2012 - 2013

Bullshot Crummond, Fall 2013

A parody of 1930s B grade detective movies by Ron House, Diz White, etal. British heroism at its dumbest. Professor Fenton, who has discovered a formula for making synthetic diamonds, has been kidnapped by Otto and Lenya. Bullshot Crummond is called to the rescue. He finally triumphs by shooting the rest of the cast.
Meet the Cast & CrewPerformance Program
News Story:LCC Crime parody 'Bullshot Crummond' will give you a case of the giggles, The Daily News, November 20, 2013

Godspell, Summer 2013

Book by John-Michael Tebelak, music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz. The show centers on a group of followers who are called to gather together to create a community following a very loving and knowledgeable teacher. By sharing stories about living good lives and singing about love, joy, gratitude, judgement and redemption, the group of disparate individuals band together with a common purpose to face challenges and obstacles as they are tested along the way.
Meet the Cast & Crew:  Performance Program
News story: Center Stage's 'Godspell' set to descend on LCCThe Daily News, August 7, 2013

Cloud 9, Spring 2013

Time shifting British African comedy by Caryl Churchill. Both parody and spoof of the 1880s Victorian Empire and its rigid attitudes towards sex. The play shifts twenty-five years later to London in 1980 where all the characters' repressed sexual longings have evaporated along with the British Empire.
Meet the Cast & Crew: Performance Program
News story: Theater Review: LCC's 'Cloud 9' explores gender, sexual rolesThe Daily News, May 22, 2013

An Evening with Tennessee Williams ~ Three One-Act Plays, Winter 2013

The Long Goodbye
A young man moves out of the family house filled with memories of his family.
The Purification
A woman has died and the people who knew her gather to judge the man who killed her. But did he kill her, or just an image?
Something Unspoken
Explores the relationship between a southern aristocratic woman and her private secretary.
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program

A Flea in Her Ear, Fall 2012

Funniest bedroom farce ever by Georges Feydeau.A woman suspects her husband of infidelity and she and her best friend concoct a perfumed letter to trap him at the Hotel Pussycat. In true Feydeau fashion the plan misfires; the plot is complicated by confused identities, revolving beds and a great many slamming doors.
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program 
News story: LCC lifts curtain on bedroom farce 'A Flea in Her Ear'The Daily News, October 31, 2012

2011 - 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Summer 2012

Book by Burt Shevelove & Larry Gelbhart. Music & lyrics by Steven Sondheim.
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program 
News story: Lower Columbia College to put on second summer musical next weekThe Daily News, August 16, 2012

Other People's Money, Spring 2012

Wall Street = Greed; Funny, serious, suspenseful, involving, disturbing...it concerns the intended hostile takeover of a deserving but obsolescent Rhode Island family business...honorable and not unprofitable run, that provides jobs for an entire small town's population.
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program
News story: Play Review: 'Other People's Money'The Daily News, May 18, 2012

The Dining Room, Winter 2012

Comedy Treats! A lighthearted and warm look at a way of life that is no longer with us.
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program
News story: 
Theatre Review: 'The Dining Room', The Daily News, February 22, 2012

The Unexpected Guest, Fall 2011

Murder most foul by Agatha Christie. In the midst of a love triangle, a murder occurs in a house full of people. Who would have guessed the victim had so many enemies?
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program
News Story: Review: Strong cast keeps you guessing in 'The Unexpected Guest'The Daily News, November 9, 2011

2010 - 2011

Little Shop of Horrors, Summer 2011

Popular rock musical by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken that follows a flower shop employee while he raises a blood thirsty plant.
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program
New story: Singing, homicidal flora makes debut at LCC in "Little Shop of Horrors"The Daily News, August 17, 2011

Photo album: Little Shop of Horrors 2011 Summer Musicalincluding audience members posing with Audrey!

The Adding Machine, Spring 2011

A drama by Elmer Rice. The story of Mr. and Mrs. Zero and their coupled friends 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 experiencing technology changes. They see first hand how the face of the world in 1922 is changed with technology making humans feel obsolete.
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program
News story: Take a surreal journey through office limbo with 'The Adding Machine', The Daily News, May 26, 2011

Three Views of Love, Winter 2011

Three one-act plays about love through the ages. 
Blind Date, love in 1920s Texas by Horton Foote, directed by Jamie Hegstad
Am I Blue, love in New Orleans 1960s by Beth Henley, directed by Leslie Slape
Wooed and Viewed, love in Paris 1890s by Georges Feydeau, directed by Janice Clark
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program

Charley's Aunt, Fall 2010

A comedy about mistaken identity, a British farce of three acts, with physical humor, absurdity and unlikely comedy of sophistication with fast-paced plots.
Meet the cast & crew: Performance Program
News story: Mary Rayon has been dressing local actors for nearly three decadesThe Daily News, November 13, 2010
Review: LCC's 'Charley's Aunt' offers an evening of British Comedy, The Daily News, November 10, 2010

2009 -2010

The Three Cuckolds, Spring 2010

A commedia dell’arte by Leon Katz.
News story: LCC's 'Three Cuckolds' is exhaustingly funnyThe Daily News, May 26, 2010

Eurydice, Winter 2010

By Sarah Ruhl based upon the myth of Orpheus in the underworld. Orpheus and Eurydice are young lovers. Eurydice dies and goes to Hades, Orpheus attempts to bring her back to the world of the living. The play is seen from Eurydice's viewpoint.
News story: LCC's 'Eurydice' a new twist on a classic taleThe Daily News, February 24, 2010.
Review: 'Eurydice' is an enjoyably strange, thought-provoking productionThe Daily News, March 2, 2010

Alice in Wonderland ~ An Acid Trip, Fall 2009

News story:  LCC's 'Alice' definitely a wild tripThe Daily News, November 19, 2009

2008 - 2009

This Island Earth, Spring 2009

Where we’ve been and where we’re going. Written and adapted by LCC alumni Leslie Slape and Drama Instructor Don Correll, and choreographed by LCC Dance Instructor Megan Jasurda.
News story: Folk tales of the world come together in 'This Island Earth'The Daily News, May 28, 2009
YouTube Playlist: This Island Earth (Play 2009) © Leslie Slape

Much Ado About Nothing, Winter 2009

William Shakespeare, the fortunes and misfortunes of being in love.
News story: LCC's 'Much Ado About Nothing' has hints of 1950sThe Daily News, March 5, 2009.

The Laramie Project, Fall 2008

The story of gay student Matthew Shephard's death, the murder investigation and trials, and the Laramie community's attitude toward gays.
News story: LCC's Center Stage opens with The Laramie ProjectThe Daily News, November 13, 2008


The Foreigner, Larry Shue, Comedy
The Underpants, Steve Martin, Comedy
REP, Greg Atkins, Comedy


Strangers On Earth, Mark O’Donnell, Comedy
The Chairs/The Bald Soprano, Eugene Ionesco, Absurdist
Beyond Therapy, Christopher Durang, Comedy

2005-2006 - Pepper Theatre 

Feiffer's People, Jules Feiffer, Comedy
Successful Strategies, Pierre de Marivaux, Restoration Comedy
An Evening with Thornton Wilder:
The Drunken SistersComedy
Love and How to Cure itComedy
The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden
The Long Christmas DinnerDrama


Art, Jasmine Reva, Comedy
To Kill A Mockingbird, Christopher Sergel - 705, Drama
The Company of Wayward Saints, George Herman, Commedia dell arte
The Eclectic Electric House That Jack BuiltPhysical Theatre


No Opera at the Opry House Tonight, Tim Kelly, Melodrama
The Transylvanian Clockworks, Don Nigro, Thriller
The Fantasticks, Tom Schmidt & Harvey Jones, Musical


Hay Fever, Noel Coward, Comedy
Book of Days, Lanford Wilson, Drama
Antigone, Jean Anoulih, Tragedy


Picasso at the Lapine Agile, Steve Martin, Comedy
Two Gentlemen of Verona, William Shakespeare, Comedy
At This Evening's Performance, Nigel Jackson, Comedy


The Butler Did It, Walter Marks, Peter Marks, Comedy Thriller
A Doll's House, Henrik Ibsen, Drama
The Servant of Two Masters, Carlo Goldoni, Commedia dell arte 


Red Scare On Sunset, Charles Busch, Comedy
Our Town, Thornton Wilder, Drama
Pride's Crossing, Tina Howe, Drama


Tartuffe, Moliere, Comedy
A Cheever Evening, A. R. Gurney, Drama
Six Characters in Search of an Author, Luigi Pirandello, Absurd


Musical Comedy Murders Of 1940, Comedy
Absent Friends, Alan Aykbourn, Comedy
Time Travelers Story Guide To Planet EarthPhysical Theatre


Bullshot Crummond, Diz White, etal., Comedy
Love's Labour's Lost, William Shakespeare, Comedy
Plays In One Act:
On the Harmfulness of Tobacco, Anton Chekhov, Comedy
A Marriage Proposal, Anton Chekhov, Comedy
The Actor’s Nightmare, Christopher Durang, Comedy


Egad, The Woman in White, Tim Kelly, Melodrama
The Venetian Twins, Carlo Goldoni, Commedia dell arte
Oedipus The King, Sophocles, Tragedy


Face the Mask, Workshop 7, Mask Revue
One Acts:
Rusty Hands, Seth Vermilyea, Drama
As Is, William F. Hoffman, Drama
Mastergate, Larry Gelbart, Comedy


Count Dracula,Ted Tiller, Thriller
Rosencrantz and Guildstern Are Dead, Tom Stoppard, Comedy/Drama
Texas Comedies:
Laundry and Bourbon,James McLure, Comedy
Lone Star, James McLure, Comedy
Face the Mask, Workshop 7, Mask Revue


Arsenic and Old Lace, Joseph Kesselring, Comedy
Hound of the Baskervilles, Agatha Christie, Mystery
Animal Farm, Nelson Bond, Drama
Love and Marriage:
Overruled, Bernard Shaw, Comedy
The Boor Hug, George Feydeau, Comedy
Alls Well That Ends As You Like It, Michael Green, Comedy
Il Fornacazoni, Michael Green, Comedy


Its Only A Play, Terrance Mc Nally, Comedy
Jabberwock, Lawrence and Lee, Comedy
Arsenic and Old Lace, Joseph Kesselring, Comedy


Comedy, Comedy:
110 and Ten in the Shade, Eugene Labisch, Comedy
Wooed and Viewed, George Feydeau, Comedy
Passion, Poison and Petrification, Bernard Shaw, Comedy
U.S.A., John Dos Passos, Drama
Summertree, Ron Cowen, Drama 


My Three Angels, Sam and Bella Spewack, Comedy
Shadowbox, Michael Cristofero, Drama
The Eclectic Electric House That Jack Built, Musical Revue


A Hatful of Rain, Michael V. Gazzo, Drama
The Company of Wayward Saints, George Herman, Commedia dell arte
Romulus, Gore Vidal, Satire


To Kill A Mockingbird, Christopher Sergel, Drama
Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare, Tragedy
Moonchildren, Michael Weller, Comedy


Ten Little Indians, Agatha Christie, Mystery
Some Enchanted Evening, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Musical
Doctor and LoverCommedia dell arte
Dr. ArlecchinoCommedia dell arte
Two Lovers of VeronaCommedia dell arte
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Harnick and Sondheim, Musical


Antigone, Sophocles, Tragedy
A Sleep of Prisoners, Christopher Fry, Morality
Vanities, Jack Heifner, Comedy
The Dining Room, A. R. Guerney, Comedy


Fifth of July, Lanford Wilson, Drama
Macbeth, Eugene Ionesco, Absurdist Comedy
You Can't Take It With You, Kauffman and Hart, Comedy 
Any Wednesday, Muriel Resnick, Comedy


The Mousetrap, Agatha Christie, Mystery
The Ceremony of Innocence, Ronald Ribman, Drama
Crimes of the Heart, Beth Henley, Comedy


A Man For All Seasons, Robert Bolt, Drama
The Importance of Being Earnest, Oscar Wilde, Comedy
Oklahoma!,Rodgers and Hammerstein, Musical


Long Days Journey Into Night, Eugene O’Neill, Drama
The Provoked Wife, John Van Brugh, Restoration Comedy
The Mikado, Gilbert and Sullivan, Musical


Fallen Angels, Noel Coward, Comedy
Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens, Drama
Tango,Slavomir Mrozek, Drama
The Three Cuckolds,Commedia dell arte 


The Lion In Winter, William Goldman, Comedy 
The Fantasticks,Tom Schmidt and Harvey Jones, Musical
To Kill A Mockingbird, Horton Foote, Drama


Doctor In Spite of Himself, Moliere, Comedy 
The Glass Menagerie,Tennessee Williams, Drama
Cinderella, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Musical


Arsenic and Old Lace,Joseph Kesselring, Comedy 
Cabaret, Kander and Ebb, Musical
Midsummer Nights Dream, William Shakespeare, Comedy
Singing and Dancing Madness, Drama and Music Revue

1976-1977 - Fine Arts Building

Old Love, New Love,
A Phoenix to Frequent, Christopher Fry, Comedy
The Boor, Anton Chekov,Comedy
Servant of Two Masters, Carlo Goldoni, Commedia dell arte
This is the House that Jack Built, Physical Theatre