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Student Co-Curricular Groups, Organizations & Clubs

Why Join?

Being a part of a co-curricular group, organization, or club (COCC) is a fun way to meet other students, serve your community, broaden your horizons, learn how to do something new, or practice what you love. Students also build and strengthen leadership, organizational, problem solving and teamwork skills.

Are you wondering what the difference is between a co-curricular, organization and a club? Co-curriculars are student groups usually led by a faculty member and tied to instruction. Organizations are student-formed groups with a larger affiliation to a state or national organization. Clubs are student-led groups whose program aims at the promotion of a special interest, occupation or field of study.     

How to Start a CCOC

If you're interested in starting a CCOC on campus, you've found the right place!  Complete the ASLCC Application for Chartering a Co-Curricular Group, Organization or Club (CCOC) and turn it into Justin Ford in the Student Activities Office, located downstairs in the Student Center.

Club Fund Application

All clubs are given a pot of money each year to request funds from. Please fill out the Club Fund Application and turn it into Justin Ford in the Student Activities Office, located in the Student Center. The Club Budget Committee meets every Friday at noon to review applications. Following the meeting, club advisors are notified of the Committee's decision.

**Please note: applications must be turned in by Monday to be reviewed that Friday or they will be held until the following meeting. When requesting money for trips, please leave a lead time of at least 3 weeks to ensure enough time for the Committee to meet and additional paperwork to be submitted.

For advisors

Instructions on how to reserve entertainment and rooms, make travel arrangements and related tasks:
ASLCC: Instructions for Advisors (also opens Performance Agreement Contract).


Co-Curricular Groups Advisor
Community Choir
Salal Review
Symphonic & Jazz Band
Organizations Advisor
Campus Christian
Global Medical Brigade
Phi Theta Kappa
Student Nurses Organization
Veterans' Alliance 
Clubs Advisor
The Boardgame Jennifer Houge
Brotherhood of Games Michal-Ann Watts 
Computer Science David Rosi
Electric Vehicle
LGBTQ/Straight Alliance
Longboarding Jim Franz
Science Fiction
Sustainability &