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Mission & Policies

Lower Columbia College

Library Services Mission Statement

The mission of the Lower Columbia Library Services is to maintain a physical and virtual teaching and learning environment that promotes academic inquiry, supports instruction and scholarship, and fosters lifelong intellectual growth and discovery by providing all members of the LCC community with access to needed information resources, research assistance, and guidance in developing skills for locating, evaluating, and using information to solve problems and fully participate in the global community.

Our vision is to be an empowering information hub where users have access to cutting edge academic support services in a single location.

Library Services will fulfill this mission by meeting the following outcomes.

  • Employing professionally-qualified faculty librarians and library paraprofessionals who are active educators.
  • Providing maximum access to information resources and services that support and augment the classroom experience and that foster academic excellence through the freedom of inquiry.
  • Encouraging and facilitating intellectual independence and lifelong learning through instructional programs and services that emphasize information literacy and complement classroom instruction.
  • Providing distinctive programs and services designed to meet the intellectual and cultural needs of an information-based society.
  • Providing an atmosphere and environment that supports the use of information in learning and study.
  • Utilizing available and emerging technologies that support and enhance instruction and information retrieval.

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