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Math Boot Camp

Math Boot Camp!
Sign up at the Lower Columbia College Admissions Center Testing Office, or call 360-442-2353.
Understanding Your Math Path
Where did you place? Here is a math flow chart.
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Save time, money and stress with a student-friendly refresher math class.

Math Boot Camp Devil

Math Boot Camp is a goal-oriented and student-friendly refresher math class that helps you review basic math concepts, teaches study skills and testing strategies, and instructs you on how to practice in LCC's online math lab.

Boot Camps are designed and led by an LCC math instructor who will help you achieve these goals.

Here's what students say:

"I am happy to say I reached the goal... thank you for being a great teacher and helping me reach my goal."

"Good news! We both scored into math 141 today. You were a life saver and saved both of us $600!"

Boot Camp Schedule

Attendees will be entered in a raffle for a MyMathLab access code worth $120!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up for a Math Boot Camp?

Come into the Testing Office located in the Admissions Center or call 360-442-2353.

How will a Math Boot Camp save me time and money?

How did you feel about your math placement test results? Did you feel you could do better? If so, a Math Boot Camp can help you refresh and better prepare for the placement test.  In some cases all you need is one or two more correct answers to place you at the next level! This could save you an entire quarter of math.

How much does moving up an entire quarter of math really save me?

Using current in-state tuition rates, placing higher and avoiding one quarter of math can save you up to $573.95. Oregon border residents can save a total of up to $622.10. Moving ahead two math placements can save you over $1,100!

I haven’t worked with math since I graduated from high school many years ago. How can Math Boot Camp help me?

We see many people who have been removed from math for any number of years. We find that many of these testers were proficient in math at some point, but have forgotten many of the math concepts they once knew. A Math Boot Camp is great at helping these students refresh their math skills and help them avoid placing lower than their actual math skill level.

I suck at math, how can a Math Boot Camp possibly help me?

Boot Camps are designed for both experienced math testers who need that extra bump, and inexperienced math testers who are struggling to understand simple math concepts. For the inexperienced students, simple math concepts like multiplication or division can be confusing simply because of the way the problem is displayed. A student may be proficient with multiplication and division but may fail to understand the use of parentheses and asterisks in multiplication problems, or the use of fractions in division problems. Boot Camps also do a good job of helping students get acquainted with the MyMathLabs testing software.  

Do I have to test before I attend a Math Boot Camp?

Taking your math placement test before a Math Boot Camp is preferred, but not required. It is always a good idea for yourself, and for the instructor at the Boot Camp, to know what your math level is before setting placement goals. Since the Boot Camp is goal-oriented, it is a good idea to set achievable goals based on your first test attempt.

What do you mean by "goal-oriented"?

One of the objectives of Math Boot Camps is to help the student achieve individual math placement goals. For example, if you’re a potential nursing student and are required to take and complete Math 107 for your degree, but you only have one year to complete your math sequence, then your Math Boot Camp goal is to place high enough so that it only takes you one year to complete Math 107. Unfortunately, before the Boot Camp you tested into Math 78, and starting this math path will take one year and a quarter. So it’s realistic to set a Math Boot Camp goal of testing into Math 88 to keep your math path within that one year goal.

What are the other benefits of attending a Math Boot Camp?

Math Boot Camp attendees will receive an additional math placement re-test. This gives you a total of 3 tries to try to place into the course you want.

I was issued a testing waiver and told I had to attend a Math Boot Camp. Can you please tell me more?

Testing waivers require you to attend a three-hour Math Boot Camp to help you refresh for you math placement test. One of the overall requirements for a free testing waiver is that you show up to the test prepared. We feel that a Math Boot Camp does a good job of helping students prepare for their Math placement test. Make sure that the Math Boot Camp instructor signs your waiver sheet.