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Find Out if Campus is Closed

Closure Information
On the Website
Check the LCC homepage for current closure status.
On Social Media
Check the College's Facebook or Twitter sites for current closure status.
Via Text Message
If you have signed up to receive emergency information on your mobile phone, you will receive a text message. For instructions on how to sign up or opt out see Emergency Text Messages.
In the Media
Tune into your local media for updated information (television, radio). If the campus closes due to inclement weather, the media will be notified by 6:00 am for day classes, and 2:00 pm for evening classes. If the campus closes for any other reason, the media will be notified immediately.
By Telephone
Call the LCC Message Line at 360.442.2000

LCC doesn't operate school buses, so the campus may be open when local schools have closed due to snow, icy roads or other conditions.

If the campus remains open during inclement weather, personal safety and good judgment are the foremost considerations. Each student and employee is responsible for deciding whether to come to campus or stay home.

In the event of a campus closure due to a college emergency, students and non-essential staff should not come to campus. Updates will be shared through the local media and on the LCC Message Line. A message will be posted on the LCC homepage when the campus has re-opened.

Stay Informed

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Class Closure Options

Day classes:

  • Complete campus closure (suspended operations) for day classes
  • Classes cancelled, open offices
  • Late start for classes and offices

Evening classes:

  • Complete campus closure
  • Classes canceled; campus/offices open for evening events

Offices, Facilities and Events

During a complete campus closure, all college offices, facilities and events are canceled. When classes are canceled, college offices (except faculty offices, facilities and events may remain open, depending on conditions. The cafe is closed when classes are canceled. Faculty may not be available on campus when classes are canceled.

For current status of offices, facilities or events on class cancelation days, call the LCC Message Line at 360.442.2000.


During a complete campus closure, athletic events are canceled. When classes are canceled, but offices remain open, athletic events may be held depending on conditions.

Head Start/ECEAP Program

During a complete campus closure, Head Start/ECEAP facilities on campus are closed.

  • The local media will carry an announcement after 6:00 am on the current status of Head Start/ECEAP services.
  • In most cases, Head Start/ECEAP will follow the same schedule as the local school districts. If school districts are starting two (2) hours late, afternoon Head Start/ECEAP classes will be held unless otherwise announced.