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Code of Student Conduct ~ Draft

See also: Washington State Legislature Chapter 132M-121 WAC Student Code of Conduct

Lower Columbia College is undergoing a revision to its Rules of Student Conduct.  In the past 18 months, the WA State Student Services Commission (made up of VPs of Student Services from 2-year colleges across the state) have worked closely with the Assistant Attorney Generals Office to review the variety of codes at colleges and create a comprehensive model code that meets all of the regulatory needs while insuring students’ rights, responsibilities and due process. The revised draft code of conduct is different from the former version in the following ways:

  • Slight adjustment to the Student Conduct Committee to hear more serious conduct cases as well as student appeals of disciplinary action. This committee reflects the concept of shared governance on our campus by being comprised of 2 faculty members, 2 students, and one exempt staff member who will serve as chair of the committee.
  • Updated language regarding academic dishonesty
  • An updated tobacco, e-cig, and related products code
  • Specific language addressing marijuana in light of recent legislation
  • Clear language on classroom misconduct rights and responsibilities for students and instructors
  • Alignment with the Washington State Administrative Codes for Brief Administrative Processes.
  • Thorough and comprehensive definitions, procedures, and guidelines for responding to sexual harassment and sexual assault. These codes are in response to recent reaffirmations of student’s rights under Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act by President Obama and the Department of Education.

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