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Alex Emerson

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Alex Emerson

English & Spanish Instructor


Tel 360.442.2649

Toll Free 1.866.900.2311

Instructional Office Building Room 218
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I'm Alex Emerson, Instructor of Spanish and English at Lower Columbia College.

Learn more about Spanish classes at Online Spanish.

¿Quien es Éduardo?

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Provided by Alex Emerson, Instructor of Spanish and English, Lower Columbia College

Spectacled BearBiodiversity information about the Spectacled Bear, the only bear species native to South America.

Walking the Columbia

In 2003, I walked the entire length of the Columbia River, a distance of 1,264 miles, from the headwaters in British Columbia to Cape Disappointment in Washington State.

I kept a journal about my walk and you can read more about it at Walking the Columbia. It is almost ready to be published into a book. I hope you enjoy it !