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Frequently Asked Questions about Online Courses

Are online courses harder than face-to-face classes?

Online courses cover the exact same material that face-to-face classes do, but due to the method of delivery it sometimes takes students longer to cover the material. For example, one page of text can be delivered as a lecture in about a minute, but it takes different people different lengths of time to read one page of text. So if a 50-minute lecture class covers about 50 pages of material, someone reading this text can take between 100 minutes (at 2 minutes a page reading) to 250 minutes at (5 minutes a page reading).

Are there assignment due dates, or can I work on things when I want?

Each online instructor structures their classroom differently, but most have assignment due dates. These dates are are provided for you at the beginning of the quarter, in the course syllabus, so that you can structure your time to meet the deadlines. This allows you flexibility in your schedule but also keeps you on track to complete the class by the end of the quarter. All for-credit online courses are quarterly.

How accessible are online instructors?

Instructors include their contact information and schedule of availability in the syllabus of their online class. If you have problems accessing your instructor, contact the eLearning Office.

How do I order textbooks?

You may purchase your books from the Bookstore either online or in-person at the store. Books ordered online can be picked up at the store, or shipped to you for a fee.

How do I get my financial aid check?

See Financial Aid for information about Quarterly Financial Aid Check Disbursal. Alternatively, subscribe to the Financial Aid Deadlines calendar.

How do I get help with technical problems?

Contact the eLearning Office.

How do I get information about withdrawal or course add/drop procedures and other registration information?

Contact the eLearning Office.

How do I get help with assignments, course content, or other course-related questions?

Contact your course instructor. Your instructor's contact information will be on the course syllabus, and in the Campus Directory.Tutoring services are available on campus by visiting the Tutoring Center. Both online and in-person tutoring assistance is available at no charge to students.

How do I get help with questions not covered here?

Contact the eLearning Office.