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Delaying Payment and Administrative Holds

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Payment of tuition and fees is due the Friday after registering for classes. If your financial aid file is complete, you may be eligible to delay payment until your funds have been awarded.

Delaying Payment

Students who did not submit their FAFSA and all required paperwork by the Priority Deadline, but did submit it by the Last Day for Administrative Hold, will be automatically held in their classes until their financial aid is awarded.

Students who have been subjected to a 30 day delay on loan funds are eligible for an Administrative Hold, provided they met the Last Day for Administrative Hold deadline.

What is an Administrative Hold?

An Administrative Hold will hold you in your classes until your tuition and fees are paid by financial aid. Please note: it can take up to 3-6 weeks to process a financial aid award, once all requested documents have been received. This means, even if you met the Last Day for Administrative Hold, you are unlikely to receive your financial aid award for 3 - 6 weeks.

Upcoming Administrative Hold deadlines


Quarter you want to attend Last Day for Administrative Hold
Spring 2016 March 14, 2016

For all Administrative Hold deadlines, along with other important dates, see Financial Aid Deadlines

What if I missed the deadline for an Administrative Hold, or my financial aid is not enough to cover tuition and fees?

Students who did not meet the Last Day for Administrative Hold must make immediate arrangements to pay their tuition and fees in order to avoid being dropped from their classes. Payment of tuition and fees is due the Friday after registering for classes.

Payment Options include:

See Cashier for more details

  • Pay in person at the Cashier
  • Pay online using credit or debit card
  • Tuition Payment Plan
  • Tuition Deferment