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Student Employment

Contact Us
For assistance with Work-Study Positions
Betty Sjoblom
Program Coordinator
Tel 360.442.2393
Building Admissions Center
For assistance with Student Help Positions (non work-study)
Career & Employment Services
Tel 360.442.2330
Building Admissions Center

Work-study and student assistant positions are challenging real-world opportunities that help students prepare for a career.

Students may work a maximum of 19 hours per week while attending LCC. Open positions are adjusted to meet students' academic schedules whenever possible.

Working in a professional environment encourages students to refine work ethics, advance technological, teamwork, and experiential skills, and improve skills under close supervision of LCC staff and faculty.


We expect our students to be punctual, enthusiastic, and professional, to follow directions, and to be creative and resourceful when unstated work needs to be done. Students are essential to LCC's operations and contribute to the success of the college in ways that are measurable, assessable, and substantial.


What is the difference between a work-study Job and a student job?
Work-Study is need based determined by FAFSA
Student Assistant/Help is not based on financial need
How do I know which one I'm qualified for?
In order to qualify for work-study, you must first complete the FAFSA. The Financial Aid office can tell you if you are eligible for work-study.
If you do not qualify for financial aid, you may still apply for student help (Student Assistant) positions.

How do I find Student Employment positions?

Use College Central Network

Create a free account to search for positions.

Click the Students icon at the bottom of the page, then click Register Now. Create your account.

Once you have registered click Home in the upper left corner of your screen.

Click on Search for Jobs/Opportunities Posted to My School

School ID contains the coding for the types of positions that are posted

  • J = Job/Career
  • WS = Work-Study
  • SA = Student Assistant/Student Help

Click on the red Job ID number for information about each job. Each employer determines their own application procedures, so scroll to the bottom of the Job Detail Information page and follow the Application Instructions.

Positions are competitive and open to all students. Dress appropriately when you turn in your application, and prepare to answer a few initial questions about yourself and your work history. 

Career & Employment Services

Get help with your job search. Career & Employment Services provides resources to employers, students, alumni, and community members. Carl Perkins funding allows us to offer valuable computer based programs, training and services designed to help you find and get the career or workforce that you desire.

Our Career Specialists work with students, alumni and community members in all stages of their academic and professional careers.