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Math Transfer Agreement


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The grid below establishes a minimum placement level at LCC based on the grade earned in the last mathematics course completed at the high school. Please note that students will still need to take the placement exam at LCC for data purposes and to determine if their current skills and knowledge warrant a high level of placement.


Course Completed →
Grade Earned ↓  
A First Tier First Tier Statistics First Tier Pre-Calc II - Trig Calculus I
A- First Tier First Tier Statistics First Tier Pre-Calc II - Trig Calculus I
B+ 098/099 First Tier Statistics First Tier First Tier Calculus I
B 098/099 098/099 Statistics 098/099 First Tier Pre-Calc II - Trig
B- Placement Test 098/099 Placement Test 098/099 098/099 Pre-Calc II - Trig
C+ Placement Test Placement Test Placement Test Placement Test 098/099 First Tier
C Placement Test Placement Test Placement Test Placement Test 098/099 First Tier

Additional Requirements

This agreement applies to students from the following eight local high schools:

Castle Rock High School
Kalama High School
Kelso High School
Mark Morris High School
R.A. Long High School
Toutle Lake High School
Wahkiakum High School
Woodland High School

Students must provide an official high school transcript indicating the appropriate grade has been earned in the 2nd semester of their most recent high school math course.

Students must register for a mathematics course within one academic year of completing the high school mathematics course.

First tier college mathematics courses include:

MATH& 107 - Math in Society
MATH 125 - Applied College Algebra (Finite)
MATH& 131 - Math for Elementary Teachers I
MATH& 141 - Pre-Calculus I
MATH 210 - Elements of Statistics
BUS 206 - Statistical Methods

Students may use either the transfer agreement or placement test results to determine their initial mathematics placement at LCC.

Note: The "&" on a community college course prefix indicates that the course is commonly numbered in the state of washington.

Resource Files

  1. Transfer Agreement Flyer
    • Word document that you can share with students and parents outlining the current transfer agreements between LCC and the high schools in our service district.
  2. Annual Renewal Form
    • Proposed form to renew individual school's participation in the transfer agreement on an annual basis. This form would be filled out each September and electronically submitted to at LCC.
  3. Original Transfer Agreement
    • This is the original transfer agreement as written by the local TMP working team at the math curriculum summer institute at LCC in 2008.
  4. Topics Covered on Placement Exam
    • LCC uses Pearson's MyMathTest for determining math placement. This flow chart displays the different tests, scores required, and topics covered.
  5. Math Courses Flow Chart
    • Flow chart shows the course pre-requisites for all math classes offered at LCC as well as some minimum degree requirements.