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New Students

Planning to attend LCC?
Here's what you need to do
Apply for Admission
Need Help?
Contact the Entry Center

Admissions Center - Main Lobby
Toll-free 1.866.900.2311
M-Th 8 am - 5 pm
10 am - 5 pm
Continuing Education
Non-degree seeking students do not need to apply for admission. See Continuing Education for non-credit personal enrichment and professional development courses.


Thank you for your interest in Lower Columbia College! Here's what you need to know to get started.

Apply for Admission

It's a simple process!

Once your application is  approved you'll receive an email containing your acceptance letter and Student ID number. Please allow up to four business days.

Apply for Financial Aid (if needed)

You may qualify for financial assistance to help cover the cost of tuition and fees, books and other expenses. If you plan on applying for Federal Financial Aid you need to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Ideally students should complete it as early as possible, but it can be done at any time. More than half of all LCC students receive some form of financial aid, including scholarships, so don’t delay.

Determine Your Program

Research your desired area of study. Print out programs you are interested in and bring them with you to any advising appointments and orientations. If you are unsure of your program, meet with a Career Specialist in the Career Center to explore your options.  

Practice and Take Placement Tests

Students who plan to earn a degree or certificate from Lower Columbia College, or transfer to a four-year institution, need to have their skill levels assessed before registering for classes. Practice materials are available. Testing takes approximately three hours. Recommendations based on your results helps you select the right classes.

Attend New Student Orientation

Make an appointment to attend a New Student Orientation by contacting the Testing Center at 360.442.2353. Advisors will help you register for your classes and provide necessary information for new students. Please bring your program planners and placement test scores. Be prepared by browsing the online class schedule beforehand, and mapping out the time you have available for class, work and studying.

More Resources for New Students

Why Choose Lower Columbia College?

It’s well known that students who live at home and complete their first two years of college at Lower Columbia College save substantial costs, $20,000 per year or more. But did you know that Washington students who transfer from a two-year college to a four-year school do just as well as those who begin studies at a university? LCC transfer students earn a 3.34 GPA on average in their junior and senior studies at Washington’s public universities.

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